It is Spring! Maybe my favourite season. I know it is all about Color blocking... But I just love the items above! Can't wait to go down town for a drink in the sun.

Pink Blazer: H&M
Flower Top: H&M
Heels: H&M
Denim Shorts: H&M

Granddad Shirt Mint: TopShop
Huge Clutch: Asos


Optical Eyewear

Yesterday I finaly got my glasses. Since I am trying to get my driving license, I noticed I could not see well. My teacher asked me if I could see what it said on the number plate of the car in front of me... and I really had no idea.
So I had to go to check my eyes and there it was; You need glasses. First I did not really like the idea of wearing optical glasses. Until I saw this great glasses of Chanel. I am in love with them. Wearing glasses is not that bad after all.



Love to share some gorgeous tattoos with you. I absolutely love tattoos. You can express yourself with tattoos, tell your story. There is a story behind every tattoo, a memory. It is a way to carry your memory forever.
I think the Text tattoo is great! "When in doubt, Love" Short and Clear. And a beautiful, special part of your body.
The Flying Birds are so special. I would love to have some birds!
But I already have some tattoos and I am a bit scared it will be too much.
Next time I'll post some pics of my own Tattoos.


Wish List.

It has been a while since I post a new Blog. You know, busy busy... Especially in December. But I am back on track.
I made a Wish List. Some Key Peaces I would love to have. These items will just make my closet compleet. To be honest, my Wish List is way bigger than this... But I don't want to look greedy.
A Small Wish List to begin 2011!

Happy New Year, May all youw wishes come true. Embrace Life.

All Clothes: H&M

Shoes: Converse All Stars